Discipline plays a great role in everybody's life. The objective of school discipline is undoubtedly safeguarding the order, safety and harmonious work of education within the school premises as well as in the school buses. School discipline is a collaborative effort by the parents, teachers, students and administration. The focus of School Discipline Policy is to promote positive behavior choices by recognizing model students who engage in consistent positive behavior. However, mistakes are a natural part of growth. We help students reflect on errors in judgement and behavior and support them in learning how to make better decisions. We teach and model positive behavior including listening, cooperation, and mutual respect. 

We encourage students to become more sincere and dedicated citizens of the future so that they act responsibly towards other people as well as property. In an ongoing effort to combat discipline issues, we have developed a discipline policy that is firm and will be consistently applied. The school expects every student behave in a considerate way towards others and to reflect our values which are Respect, Friendship and Love. We treat all students fairly and apply this behaviour policy in a consistent way. This policy aims to help students grow in a safe and secure environment, and to become positive, responsible, sincere and dedicated citizens of the future.

Expected Behaviour

1. Come prepared for class as per the timetable

2. Treat others as you want to be treated yourself

3. Obey the instructions of all adults in the school

4. Complete tasks assigned by the teachers/class representatives

5. Be punctual to school

6. Respect school/class property

7. Keep campus & class clean

Cause of Indiscipline

1.You reach late to the class / school

2.Not moving in a line in the corridors

3.Not sitting in the allocated seat, running around and disturbing the class

4.Obstructing an empty seat, door, or aisle, making excessive noise

5.Damaging property of another student/ tearing pages from the notebooks of other


6.Throwing wrappers/ foils or pasting chewing gum on seats or any part of the class.

7.Disturbing, insulting, or harassing other students, using profane or obscene

language or gestures, bullying, cheating, fighting, misbehaving with students in the


8.Littering/ Damaging class/school property, writing on desk, walls, doors or windows

9.Carrying objects that are not allowed in school like Mobile Phone, Smart watches

Ipads, Camera or any electronic gadgets.

10.Writing on Public Portals

11.Physical injury to a fellow student

12.Using whiteners

The following practices will lead to strict disciplinary action

1. Disfiguring or damaging school property.

2. Bunking classes or school .

3. Bringing a cell phone to school

4. Use of violence in any form

5. Use of abusive language

6. Bullying

7. Damaging tearing pages from library books textbooks or exercise books

8. Writing on school uniform

9. Bringing sharp and injury causing articles such as knives, scissors, paper cutters etc.

10. Misconduct, indiscipline and misbehaviour in school transport .

11. Gambling, smoking, drinking or using drugs.

12. Using holi colours, bursting crackers

13. Carrying an excessive amount of money .

14. Using indecent / inappropriate language on social media

15. Caught in an act of stealing or malpractice during an examination

16. Tampering with any official documents

Disciplinary Actions


2.Verbal warnings

3.Self-Improvement Cards

4.Letter of reprimand

5.Physical activities (Shramdaan)

6.Monetary penalty

7.Withdrawal of bus facilities

8.Child to be sent back home.

9.Deduction of marks from the best class scores


Following are the steps that would enforce the discipline policy to achieve the

objective of better grooming among the students: