At Parevartan, Catering to every child’s need is our priority.

The campus has sports fields, gardens, play areas and courtyards, with over 200 species of trees and plants. CCTV cameras and fire extinguishers are installed throughout the school building and the school grounds. The school has a strict zero tolerance policy regarding bullying and substance abuse of any kind. All classrooms are equipped for streaming audio/visual content and the entire campus is wireless enabled.


Parevartan School makes sure to keep in mind the importance of visual learning. What you read, you learn and what you see, you remember. To make learning easier and more interesting, we offer visual learning methods to our children. First letting our kids use their creativity through imagination and books, and then making them memorise it all through a movie is our Stay-At-The-Top mantra! It’s no more a secret! We, with our kids, upgrade ourselves with time and technology, and together we learn to cope with the modernisation to not just “fit-in” but to conquer!


Computer labs are instrumental in helping students learn, work with software programs, complete assignment and interact with their instructors. These IT labs enable students to acquire digital skills critical in the modern work place without having purchase their own hardware and software.


The English language lab is an environment that enables all students to practice their listening and speaking skills concurrently. Using the state-of the art software, students work individually or collaborate with their classmates in pairs. Teachers listen, observe and interact with their students, encouraging them to speak and communicate in better English.


Parevartan is devoted towards good friends and great friendships, and is there a friend as loyal as a book? Our library believes in fairy tales and fables, sci-fi and fantasies and also, true motivational stories. From Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to a trip to wonderland through our imagination, we provide the best experience of encouraging literary skills of our children!.


Science Labs in a school are to give students the time, space, and resources to explore and experiment, and enhance their knowledge. Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs are set with latest technology equipments, and provide the students hands-on learning.


Parevartan is deeply committed to prepare its students not only to be at the top in academics but also the extra co-curriculum activities. We believe that sports not only keep one healthy and active, but teach discipline, team work and patience! We, at Parevartan, believe the power of education lies beyond the walls of a classroom. Offering our children various outdoor (skating, football, basketball, cricket and badminton) and indoor games (chess, table tennis, carom, scrabble and many more), we make sure to provide them an all-round education system.

Yog is a science that has been an invaluable part of our Indian culture and is practiced under the guidance of our experienced Yog trainer.


Performing arts being an integral part of education provide students with the opportunity to engage the mind, the body and emotions. Situated on the ground floor, more popularly known as the Hall of Celebration, is equipped with the required audio-visual facilities. Students can explore and express great themes and ideas through their performance. This allows children to develop their self-confidence and self-belief. The open stage activity area hosts various events i.e award functions, inter and intra-school competitions and ceremonies.


At Parevartan, it is the heart of the school and the most attractive area furnished with colourful, bright, non-toxic toys and furniture, safe-swings, and nature’s abundance. Our tiny-tots explore, learn and develop their motor skills while playing.


Becoming the future this world wants is what our kids aim at. It’s important to know what you want and how you can grab it. What better way to learn aim setting and discipline than shooting? Parevartan offers the best practices of shooting to the kids because they should know, they are all fighters and warriors!.


Meditation helps students become more focused, calm, quiet, settled and rested. A separate Brahmasthan is designed for providing students an opportunity to learn, relax and reflect.


The school has an established, well-equipped medical room in case of any medical emergency within the school. A trained and qualified nurse is present at all times in the premises in case any mishap takes place.


The school has its own fleet of buses for a safe, daily commute between the students’ homes and school. The bus service runs across the city, with every bus driven by an expert driver, and assisted by a conductor for a smooth and safe ride for the students.


Art is an expression of one’s true emotions. The art room at Parevartan School is one such place where various art forms are taught by highly qualified faculty. A plethora of events that are organised in the school give the students an opportunity to showcase their talent.


Music stimulates our brain, and soothes our senses. The music room at Parevartan School gives the students an opportunity to try their hands on various musical.instruments, and choose for themselves accordingly. Our skilled teachers, in both classical and western, give the students an exposure, and hone their vocal skills.


The school has a special needs cell which caters to the needs of differently abled children, by providing them inclusive education. Supported by some highly qualified instructors, children bloom and learn at their own pace, to come at par with other students, and the need of the hour.

  • Solar passive structure
  • Total area - 9000 sq. mt.
  • Total covered area - 10,080 sq. mt.
  • Skating rink - 600 sq. mt.
  • Playground area - 2290 sq. mt.
  • Play stations - 780 sq. mt.
  • Free play area - 265 sq. mt.
  • Rain water harvesting
  • State-of-the-art Maths lab, language lab & Science labs
  • Interactive boards & AV facilities.
  • CCTV coverage of entire school (also in every class)
  • Extensive library
  • Warm & loving environment
  • Fully equipped music epartment
  • Buses with GPS System