What is assessment?

Assessment is the gathering and analysis of information about the student’s performance. It identifies what students know, understand can do and feel at different stages in the learning process. Assessment is embedded in the learning process and is integral to all teaching and learning.

Why do we assess ?

Assessment is an essential means by which we analyze student learning, the effectiveness of our teaching and it acts as the foundation on which to base our future planning and practice. Effective assessment also allows teachers to assess their own method of delivery. Term end assessments are used after instruction to summarize learning for reporting.

The purposes of assessment are to :

  • Promote student learning.
  • Assessment will tap and build upon the strengths that learners in all diversity bring to the learning situation. It would corroborate student learning and would bring to light what the students have learnt and the areas that need further work. Effective assessment would also engage students in reflection on their own learning.
  • Provide information about student learning.
  • Assessment helps teachers to reflect on learning accomplished and learning deferred. It also helps teachers to better design instructions to teach more effectively or to redirect their efforts/ instructions to match students’ learning their strengths and weaknesses.

When and how do we assess :

  • Pre Primary : Ongoing skill based assessments and regular reflections. Focus is on fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, socioemotional skills, literacy and numeracy. As per Integrated and Experiential Curriculum, Gurumas will observe the student's performance in both scholastic and non-scholastic areas and work accordingly in areas that need improvement. Students will be categorized as 'Independently' 'I', 'Developing' 'D', 'Beginning' 'B' and 'Needs Improvement' 'NI'.
  • Class I to VIII:
  • We conduct 4 formal assessments in the year – PT1, PT2, PT3 and PT4.
  • Subject Enrichment activities are formally conducted once every term.
  • At the end of each term a progress report is generated.
  • Co-Scholastic assessments are conducted twice a year for Health and Physical Education, Art and Craft, Dance, MusicWork Education.
  • Class IX to XII: CBSE Board examination pattern is followed.