Independence Day

To commemorate our nation’s freedom, Independence Day is celebrated at Parevartan School with great enthusiasm on 15th August, every year. The day’s proceedings begin with the flag hoisting ceremony, which is followed by a cultural programme.A plethora of activities comprising of a patriotic skit, poetry recitation, talks, group songs, yog and skating are beautifully presented by the students of Parevartan School. It is also the day when the young achievers of the school are presented with substantial scholarships for their brilliant performance in the Board Examinations.

Advent Day

To celebrate the divine occasion of the birth anniversary of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, one of the most revered spiritual gurus of India and believed to be the incarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba, Parevartan School organizes a grand celebration in its Raj Nagar.Extension branch on Thursday 23rd November, every year. Devotees of Baba gather together to celebrate the day, united as one family, to offer their love and gratitude at His feet. Soulful songs and Baba’s divine messages fill the air with piousness and divinity.

Republic Day

Republic Day celebrated every year on 26th January is a day of National rejoicing and a red-letter day in our country. The ceremony begins with the unfurling of the tricolour flag followed by performances by the students of various classes glorifying the stage by depicted the rich culture of India.

Yoga Day

Today’s modern world is fighting and suffering from physical and psychological stress. We cannot always control them but can learn how to face them through Yoga. The aim of yoga is attainment of physical, mental and spiritual health. Basic yoga is practiced in the classrooms and International Yoga Day is also in the school campus every year.


With the sole purpose of creating a wave of learning and making the young minds aware of the brilliant world of Science, Parevartan School organizes its annual Science Fest ‘Cell-Fe,’ a week of scientific exhibits, quizzes, discussions and so much more. A plethora of activities and competitions help the children to develop a scientific bent of mind, and satisfy their curiosity


Like every year, this year also, the Social Science department celebrated its With the aim to make the students aware of the rich cultural heritage of India and think of ways to save the environment of India, Social Science week *'SAMPADa is observed every year. A wide range of hands-on activities, along with discussions and displays encourage and instill in students the values of our country.


The much-awaited annual Christmas Carnival ‘Cup of Cheer’ is organized at the Raj Nagar Extension premises of Parevartan School, every year to spread and celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Various activities like gift-wrapping competition, pottery, DIY-activities, fun-games, tattoo making, live-singing, finger-licking food, photo-booth and storytelling sessions are a part of the Christmas gala. The students right from the Play-way to grade XII, and also the little ones of the Mother Wing participate in the celebration and put up a wonderful show of singing, dancing and enacting some melodious numbers. Carol singing, Santa on Wheels, dance presentations are also the special attractions of the event. It is a day to celebrate togetherness, and the joy of giving.

Khel Utsav

annual sports event, Khel Utsav is celebrated with great gusto. With the students bursting with excitement and fervour, and sports field filled with tremendous positive energy and decorated with flags and festoons, the entire school looked vibrant with the multi-hues. A number of sports competitions are held, the participants of which are selected through a series of qualifying rounds, held throughout the month..


MATHEMATICS is an integral part of our everyday lives; it is the language in which the universe communicates. We celebrate our annual Math Week - 'Insπre'-Ganit, the Language of the Universe. Our School encourages its students, and helps them to develop infinite love for the subject. To make this happen in an efficient manner, various activities are planned during the annual Math Week. Students enthusiastically participate in a plethora of Math related activities.